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… the chanting and choral singing, the incense, the vestments and ritual movements of the priest and acolytes, and the images everywhere around are not mere embellishments. They are integral aspects of the whole liturgical “event”. They reveal and celebrate its meaning.
… The Orthodox church building is nothing more (or less) than the architectural setting for the Liturgy. Originally, converted houses served the purpose.
…  From the beginning, less attention was paid to the adornment of the church’s exterior than to the beautification of its interior.
… The dome was put to its most spectacular use in Constantinople…  The climactic dome has forty closely spaced windows around its base and on sunny days appears to float on a ring of light.
… In a domed church one is always conscious of the hovering hemisphere, which determines a vertical axis around which the subordinate spaces are grouped and invites symbolic identification with the “dome” of heaven.
…  Of the large number of Byzantine church plans incorporating domes… This is the “cross-in-square” plan, adopted in Constantinople in the later ninth century… In the simplest terms, this kind of church is cubical on the first level and cruciform on the second, with a dome resting on a cylinder at the intersection of the arms of the cross, and smaller domes or vaults over the four corners of the cube, between the arms of the cross.
… The ground plan, if we add three apses on the east and a narthex on the west.


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