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Graphic Novelists Expose Government Failure to Fight Trafficking

by Dana Liebelson for CHANGE November 04, 2010

The Tunnel, the first ever graphic novel published in Cyprus, doesn’t have any costumed vigilantes. Instead of a tool for entertainment, The Tunnel is a creative effort to expose weaknesses in the government’s anti-trafficking strategy. Cyprus is currently failing to live up to its responsibility to protect trafficking victims. But you can help the authors stop trafficking in Cyprus, and urge President Christofias Demetris to allot more money to victim support.

The Tunnel, which launched last week, is published by INDEX: Research and Dialogue, a non-profit that aims to promote public dialogue and shape policy in Cyprus. The protagonist is modeled off of extensive interviews INDEX conducted with real trafficking victims. One woman told the organization that after the police explained her right to social support and protection, she made the decision to testify against her abusers. But a year later, she left the country disillusioned by both the country’s failing support system and the lack of transparency among the judiciary. (more…)


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ComiXculture II is a project hunting for a different approach to differences. It is about those comics stories that challenge social inertia and clichés.

Based in Bulgaria ComiXculture is a project by NextPage

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