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Malta Comic Con

On the 26th and 27th of November I presented “The Tunnel” at the 3rd annual Malta Comic Con.

Joining me were two artists from Cyprus – Marios Constantinides and Poppy Aristidou.


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POLITIS newspaper coverage

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Dr.Yiouli Taki from INDEX: Research and Dialogue


Dr. Mike Korzinski from Hellen Bamber Foundation

Dr Michael Korzinski has 15 years of experience in treating survivors of torture and other forms of organised violence. Having worked closely with Helen at The Medical Foundation as a senior clinician, he has been directly involved in the rehabilitation of hundreds of survivors of gross human rights violations. He has pioneered a revolutionary method for treating survivors and is a recognised expert in the field of trauma and recovery. He has authored several works on the subject. He is a consultant to trauma services and non governmental refugee programmes in the UK and worldwide. His international work included the development of a project in Afghanistan utilising story telling and drama as a means of providing therapeutic support for women traumatised by images and experiences of catastrophic violence and loss.


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