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ideas for the cover

Here are a couple of ideas I had for the cover. The “circle” is a motif I use throughout the book. I thought it would be a good idea to place it on the cover. I’m not sure about the pose though. Will have to let it sit for a while. I like how the first one (top) feels like its a hallo behind the character’s head. The second one (bottom) looks like she’s caught in the spot light. I havent thought about the title or what else will be placed on the cover. Will have to speak to David and Yiouli about that. Obviously it’ll be in colour. If I’ll have the time I’d like to produce a linoleum print (woodcut print). Fingers-crossed!


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Draft – pages 24 & 25

I sketched out all 32 pages of the book to see if I could (a) pull it off and (b) if it works. I passed it around to a few friends. There are a few bumps to iron out. Some of them got lost. I was expecting they would since it was sketched out in black & white. The final book will be in colour. The main character will be wearing a red top. I’d still like it to work in black & white too.

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