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Not for Sale (TV ad)

Shadow puppeteer Bob Stromberg produced this stunning PSA for Not-For-Sale


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The Italian awareness campaign consisted in broadcasting the spot ‘Aiutiamole a liberarsi dalla schiavitù‘ (Let’s help them to get free from slavery) on the three national tv channels for a four-months period. 
The spot shows the travel of a Nigerian girl from the recruitment to the commercial sexual exploitation on the street, and ends with the possible way out from slavery offered by Italian National Anti-Trafficking – an information service dedicated to victims of trafficking in Italy.

Watch video here

The spot was co-produced by UNICRI and RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana) and was designed by Gianluigi Toccafondo with soundtracks of Mario Mariani, for the producing house Lanterna Magica in Turin.

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Buy ResponsiblyM&C Saatchi has teamed up with IOM for the campaign titled “Buy Responsibly“. The campaign asks shoppers to find out where the food and goods they buy come from to avoid unwittingly supporting a modern form of slave labour with their purchases. According to IOM, trafficked and trapped migrants provide cheap labour in construction, agriculture, fishing, textiles and other sectors whose products end up on rich-country shop shelves.

“They are picking agricultural produce or producing consumable items that we all go and buy,” said Richard Danziger, head of IOM’s global counter-trafficking programme. “We are not asking people to boycott a particular brand or a supermarket or chain store. We are simply asking people to find out what lies behind the product they buy, for people to buy responsibly,” he told a briefing in Geneva, where IOM is based.

Shoppers can visit www.buyresponsibly.org

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