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Alice in the tunnel

I finally came up with an outline for the book that I can kick around and hopefully script.AliceInWonderland
After I read it out loud to David he said that it reminded him of Alice In Wonderland. I had picked up the book a few months ago but never managed to finish it. Guess its high time I read it now. David also came up with the title for the story “The Tunnel”. I like it.


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from GoArch.org

… the chanting and choral singing, the incense, the vestments and ritual movements of the priest and acolytes, and the images everywhere around are not mere embellishments. They are integral aspects of the whole liturgical “event”. They reveal and celebrate its meaning.
… The Orthodox church building is nothing more (or less) than the architectural setting for the Liturgy. Originally, converted houses served the purpose.
…  From the beginning, less attention was paid to the adornment of the church’s exterior than to the beautification of its interior.
… The dome was put to its most spectacular use in Constantinople…  The climactic dome has forty closely spaced windows around its base and on sunny days appears to float on a ring of light.
… In a domed church one is always conscious of the hovering hemisphere, which determines a vertical axis around which the subordinate spaces are grouped and invites symbolic identification with the “dome” of heaven.
…  Of the large number of Byzantine church plans incorporating domes… This is the “cross-in-square” plan, adopted in Constantinople in the later ninth century… In the simplest terms, this kind of church is cubical on the first level and cruciform on the second, with a dome resting on a cylinder at the intersection of the arms of the cross, and smaller domes or vaults over the four corners of the cube, between the arms of the cross.
… The ground plan, if we add three apses on the east and a narthex on the west.

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Not for Sale (TV ad)

Shadow puppeteer Bob Stromberg produced this stunning PSA for Not-For-Sale

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10 Forms of Control

Amanda Kloer from Change.org posted an interesting list of tactics traffickers use to confine their victims:

1. Coercion and Threats.
2. Controlling Perception.
3. Creating Dependencies.
4. Economic Abuse.
5. False Promises.
6. Indulgences.
7. Isolation.
8. Minimizing and Blaming
9. Privilege: Cultural, Religious and/or Gender.
10. Sexual Abuse

Read the full description of each one here

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The Italian awareness campaign consisted in broadcasting the spot ‘Aiutiamole a liberarsi dalla schiavitù‘ (Let’s help them to get free from slavery) on the three national tv channels for a four-months period. 
The spot shows the travel of a Nigerian girl from the recruitment to the commercial sexual exploitation on the street, and ends with the possible way out from slavery offered by Italian National Anti-Trafficking – an information service dedicated to victims of trafficking in Italy.

Watch video here

The spot was co-produced by UNICRI and RAI (Radio Televisione Italiana) and was designed by Gianluigi Toccafondo with soundtracks of Mario Mariani, for the producing house Lanterna Magica in Turin.

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Panel layout in comics

here are a few links on panel layout, panel rhythm, panel flow, timing/pacing, etc.

Inner Space


Music And Comics: Two Great Tastes That Taste Great Together? by Tym Godek


Writing Comic Books by Barry Lyga

The Page Breakdown

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Trafficked EU citizens

European workers kept in squalor (Cyprus mail)
By Stefanos Evripidou

photo: POLITIS newspaper

A MAN was remanded in custody for eight days yesterday in connection with charges related to the trafficking and exploitation of 110 EU citizens, who were found living in “squalid conditions” in the Nicosia district.

In an unprecedented operation involving the cooperation of four government services, police yesterday arrested a 38-year-old man in his Lakatamia home, wanted on suspicion of bringing people to Cyprus under false pretences, in some cases withholding their travel documents, exploiting them for cheap labour and keeping them in squalid living conditions.

Police picked up the 110 workers, believed to be Romanian, found living in sites around the Nicosia district, including Kaimakli and Tseri, and took them to Nicosia CID to collect statements.

Head of Nicosia CID, Thomas Efthymiou, yesterday told the Cyprus Mail that police were investigating reports that the 38-year-old had created a “camp” to house the EU citizens, while allegedly mediating with potential employers. One such “camp” was made up of around ten container-looking, box-shaped abodes, with a single makeshift toilet placed outside the row of “houses” for the inhabitants. “From what we saw there, they were living in squalid conditions,” he said.

According to the CID chief, police are looking into allegations that the 38-year-old promised the EU citizens work contracts for specific employment and wages in Cyprus. In reality, the workers would come to the island, get a different job, usually in construction at a much lower wage, and be made to live in terrible conditions, while the 38-year-old also allegedly took a cut from their wages and withheld some travel documents.

“You could say they were living in terror as we are looking into reports that he would have five or ten hired men to keep them in check and under control,” said Efthymiou.

Police spokesman Michalis Katsounotos said the 110 people were “effectively herded” into their dwellings, bringing to mind images of “slavery”.

The 110 Romanians, of which around five were women, were taken to Nicosia CID yesterday where they gave

statements throughout the day. The authorities were in the process last night of arranging hotel accommodation for the suspected victims of trafficking.

According to police, the same man was arrested almost a year ago and a court case is now pending with him facing charges similar to the current allegations. At one of the locations where the workers were picked up by police, there was a sign board with the 38-year-old’s name and number, offering “day worker” services, including moving, unloading containers, cleaning warehouses, gardens, odd jobs, and other services related to construction work. The board also boasted the provision of a 24-hour service by “European” workers.

Head of the Office for Combating Trafficking in Human Beings, Rita Superman, told the Cyprus Mail last night that the operation was a landmark in terms of inter-departmental cooperation. Her Office had the initial information which it passed on to police. Then, working in coordination with the police, Labour Inspection Department and Welfare Services, the operation was executed, with representatives of all four units involved throughout.

“This is a very good thing. In this way, we will be able to see the problem in its entirety,” said Superman.

The trafficking head noted that another very common phenomenon in Cyprus was the combination of sexual exploitation with labour exploitation. Recently, her Office has been investigating the practice of trafficking Bulgarian women to Cyprus to arrange fake marriages with third country nationals. “The trafficker takes all the money, and they get nothing from the actual wedding, nor for getting married or any work they do, and usually end up in prostitution,” she said. In this case, it is believed the majority of the traffickers are Bulgarian. “The number of cases are rising. Just last week, we registered one court case in Limassol which is now pending,” she added.

Superman said the law on fake marriages was “very weak” and easily exploited. Her Office is currently studying legal proposals which will be submitted to the Attorney-general’s office.


Follow up articles:

160 new complaints after human trafficking sting (November 10, 2009)

POLICE HAVE been flooded with new complaints against the 38-year-old man remanded in custody last Thursday in connection with charges of trafficking and exploiting 110 Romanians found living in squalid conditions in Tseri.

According to head of the Nicosia CID, Thomas Efthymiou yesterday, police have received 160 new charges against the 38-year-old by other Romanians living throughout the island. Five interpreters are working round the clock to assist police in taking their statements down. As of 6pm yesterday, around 100 statements had already been filed.

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